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Creative Agency: Here Design Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work Packaging Content: Hendrick’s Gin Location: London, UK Crawling into the imaginarium of Hendrick’s oddly made small batch gin, we created a vivid landscape of secondary packs to help the burgeoning spirit shine even more brightly. With exquisite attention to detail, an obsession for print production processes, and joyful delight in beauty, our packs demonstrate design’s ability to elevate and connect with presence and imagination. Minisculinity The peculiar gift design gets curiouser and curiouser the closer you look at it. Giving the wonderful world of Alice in Wonderland a Hendrick’s-style twist, everything about this pack is full of wonder: from the revolutionary micro-engraved foiling to the tailored structure with unique apertures and the hits of fluorescent ink. Made especially for this Alice-like shrunken bottle. Dreamscapes Inspired by the landscape of our dreams, and picking up on the Victorians’ obsessions for dreams and their meanings, this curiously odd pack features a collage of surreal illustrations. Structured like a four-poster bed, each side of the box depicts a different kind of dream from Beautiful Dreams of Good Fortune on the left to Nightmares of Entrapment on the right. The print production makes heroes of the micro-embossed foiled illustrations, each one drawn by hand and meticulously engraved by the printer. Lovers Pack With two miniature Hendrick’s gin bottles, this pack celebrates animal courtships and habits of the heart with a guide to “Etiquette for Gentlemen”. All printed in sumptuous gold foil for that special courted someone. Midnight Tea Party “We invite you to slip under the veil of darkness, to a midnight tea party of the imagination…” So begin the classically invitational words on the side of the Hendrick’s Midnight Tea Party pack, with its intricate illustrations, clock-and-cogs pack structure and accompanying lunar teacup. Dark and mysterious, this pack champions the much undervalued Mysterious Hour. Fit for Tea This pack – with its selection of cocktail suggestions and a delightfully peculiar teacup – resuscitates and revives the reputation of Dr Gustav Zander, a man of extraordinary foresight who in the late 1800s invented 27 mechanical workout contraptions to combat the ills of a sedentary lifestyle. High Tea High tea like you’ve never had it before: at the loftiest places of this planet, in the hallowest heavens and skies, and up the tallest mountains and ladders. Hendrick’s – the highest realisation of gin on earth – deserves such peak metaphorical treatment, with bright and colourful, often surreal illustrations, and a suitably high teacup in the vaults of the pack. Read more...

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Bringing to life the Fish tableware range, we have the ceramic Fish Spoons. Four great little fishy characters that double as fun spoons.Also available in this range are Fish salt and Pepper pairs, and wall-mounted Fish ornaments.The set of 4 spoons come beautifully packed in a Hannah Turner recycled card gift box, with an illustrated sticker on the front. Use them to dunk your teabags, or stir in your sugar, these fish spoons will provide endless fun for kids and adults alike. Designed by Hannah Turner, the fish collection is creating an underwater stir! Immerse yourself in the beautiful depths of Hannah's stylish sea-themed designs. This set of 4 fish spoons come beautifully packaged in a recycled card box with Hannah's illustration on the front. Lined-up they look like litke sardines! They are very popular and make a great gift.Handmade from stoneware ceramic with a decal decoration. Lovingly handade in Sri LankaApprox 13cm long. 2.7cm wide.

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Find 50 of our favourite Christmas gift wrapping ideas ranging minimalist to completely OTT, blingy to ethical. We're sure you'll find an idea to love!

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