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8mm Tiger Eye Natural Gemstones8mm Antiqued Silver LOVE BeadCommercial Strength, Latex-Free Elastic Band Handmade in our Austin Studio---------------------------------------- TIGER EYEGood Luck | Protection | Removes Negativity | Creativity | Patience | Balance | Clarity | Focus | DeterminationPrimary Chakras: Sacral | Solar Plexus | Third EyeAstrological signs: Leo | Capricorn ► Like a tiger, one who wears the TIGER EYE has the PATIENCE TO WAIT FOR THE MOST OPPORTUNE MOMENT and has GREAT FOCUS and DETERMINATION.► TIGER EYE lets you see everything. It STIMULATES TAKING ACTION, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. ► When used in jewelry the tiger eye may bring GOOD LUCK and PROTECTION FROM THE EVIL EYE to the wearer.► Traditionally it was CARRIED AS AN AMULET AGAINST CURSES OR ILL-WISHING, and is known to give you COURAGE, SELF CONFIDENCE AND STRENGTH OF WILL.► Tiger Eye recognizes your needs and will lead you there. It differentiates between what you want and what you need and WILL SEND YOU WHAT YOU NEED TO GROW AND PROSPER.► Tiger Eye ENHANCES CREATIVITY and is one of the stones that aid KUNDALINI AWAKENING. ► Tiger Eye is known to BRING CLEAR THINKING AND INSIGHT. ► By wearing the gem, YOU WILL HAVE THE COURAGE TO FIGHT NEGATIVE ENERGY. ---------------------------------------- Yoga Beaded Bracelets & Chakra Reiki Stretch Meditation Charm Jewelry ॐ Men’s & Women’s Natural Gemstone Mala Wrist StacksWe source Grade A+++ Natural Gemstones and findings from around the world to design and create our jewelry. Each piece is intended to help Motivate & Manifest your best you....Spiritual Chakra Energy Healing | Law of Attraction | Organic Jewelry. Tibetan Buddhist to whimsical SuperHero Bracelets - all made with the finest natural stones and attention to detail. What Comes Around...Goes Around...Your Wrist™ ---------------------------------------- Reiki-charged meditating + manifesting gemstones are the foundation of our Gypsy BoHo Mala Zen Yoga bracelets.

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